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Looking to the future from the 19th century (Charles)

Charles Hetzler,

Father to Louise Zosel

Grandfather to Vonnie Lupher

The Vonnie Louise Inn operates in a Victorian home located in Deer Lodge, Mt. The house was built in 1892 by local business man William Zosel.

Zosel and family operated a large ranch just outside of town, providing hogs and other essential commodities to the local community. Concerned over his children's access to education, William enlisted the "help" of inmates from the Montana Territorial Prison and this beautiful in-town home was constructed.

The home now known as "The Vonnie Louise" provides shelter, security, and comfort spanning more than a century.

The name sake of mother and daughter residence, The Vonnie Louise, has a rich, complicated, and evolving history. The Vonnie Louise has been home to many and continues to welcome new guests, all of whom contribute to our complex and immersive history.

This blog is an attempt to share some of that shared story.

The Vonnie Louise Inn

802 Fourth St.

Deer Lodge, MT



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